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    Mileage Correction
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    Fully support all kinds of vehicles of Europe and Asia and USA vehicles and new style Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Lincoln, Chrysler, Ford, Chevrolet, Jaguar, Citroen and Renault and so on (after 2000).

    Fully support the setting and adjusting of the memory type ECU, that is, the data, such as mileage, airbag, anti-theft and trouble code stored in the memory except CPU. Automobile Digital Specialist is a tool that modifies these kinds of ECU.

    Support the pop and most advanced ECU setting technology in Germany and USA who stores the data in CPU, making data security more reliable which troubles the ordinary persons and common tools. Only the ECU manufacturer can set.
    This technology mainly used in new style Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, Audi, Lincoln, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Chevrolet, Jaguar, Citroen and Renault and so on (after 2000). At present, only 3-5 companies in Europe and USA have broken through this technology, but their prices are much too high, about US$11,000.00-14,000.00.
    We, NanNing YanHua Electronics Co., Ltd., through hard working, have made our technology reach the advanced world technical level and some of it exceeds.


    vailabe for

    Mercedes Benz (2000-2003)
    A Class: A160
    C Class: C200, C220 ect.
    S Class: S280, S320, S350, S600, CLK230, SL500
    E Class: E240, E280, E320 (Chassis 211)

    BMW (2000-2004)
    3 Series: 318i, 328, 330
    5 Series: 530i
    7 Series: 745, 760

    VOLVO (97-2004): S60, S70, S80, XC90. of which S70 and S80 before 2000 hard to do.
    Audi: A4, A6, A3, A8, TT
    Voldswagen: Beetle
    Lincoln (94-2003)
    Ford: Mondeo, Fiesta, Focus
    Chrylser: Grand Cherokee (before 2000 and after 2000)

    Dodge: Durango, Ram
    Renault: Laguna, Scenic (99-2004)
    Peugeot: 206, 307, 607, 807
    Honda: CRV, Accord 3.0
    CPU, USA
    Citroen: C5, Xsara
    GM: Buick GL8, Hummer H2
    Jaguar: XL Series, S Series
    Land Rover: MINI
    Chevrolet: Impala

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