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    Bus Type :Card Bus
    Connector Types: 2 - DB9 Male
    Product Length: 5 in [12.7 cm]
    Maximum Data Transfer Rate: [921.6 Kbits/Sec]
    Industry Standards: PCMCIA II
    OS Support :Windows 9x/ME/NT 4/2000/XP/Server 2003 and up,
    Linux 2.4x and up
    PC- COM TYPE2:
    PC- COM TYPE 3
    Add two independent RS-232 ports to your laptop with the  CB2S650, a two-port PCMCIA CardBus serial adapter. The CB2S650 supports hot-swapping so you¡¯ll be able to connect, use, and swap your serial printers, digital cameras, PDAs, modems, or any other serial devices without even powering your laptop down. Additionally, the adapter¡¯s low power consumption helps preserve your notebook¡¯s battery life. The card comes complete with a DB-9 serial cable
    Data transfer rates of up to 921.6 Kbits/sec for peak serial device performance
    Easily add 2 independent RS-232 serial ports to your laptop computer
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