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    The Sykes ACR4
    Auto Code Reader
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    The Sykes ACR4
    Code Reader with MAP Software
    The Sykes Pickavant ACR4 is a 4 line display handset code reader that connects to vehicles using a Multi Application Pod, known as MAP.
    MAP is an upgradeable pod that updates via a CD-Rom, ensuring that it is kept as up to date as possible. This truly makes this a worthwhile investment.
    The MAP is supplied with a CD, which contains all the applications in the current range. As well as this, the kit comes complete with 12 months free subscription to software updates, which entitles you to 3 issues of update for your tester. At the end of this 12 month period you will be contacted for the renewal of the subscription.
    All you need to update your MAP is a PC or Laptop with a CD-Rom drive.
    Due to their special protocols the Ford and EOBD pods are not included on the MAP pods, but are included as separate pods within the kit.
    You can also purchase an optional kit of cables for use with earlier vehicles that use manufacturer specific diagnostic sockets.
    Benefits of MAP
    A new method of getting updates using a CD-ROM and subscription service
    Faster and more frequent
    Subscription based - get your updates in the post
    No need to wait for new application pods
    Be the first in your area to get the latest advanced code reading capability
    Get all the latest vehicle applications in one
    The CD updates provide a service that will update many new vehicle models at each issue.
    What's on the CD and Updates?
    The software system covers engine management (Petrol and Diesel) ABS, Airbag, service reset, and some limited transmission controls. This cover will soon be expanded to cover air-conditioning, tyre pressure warning, rain activation, seat control and other systems.
    The vehicle manufacturer range covers all european manufacturers (approx 34 for EOBD).
    The specialised software for manufacturer codes non-EOBD covers:
    Alfa ?Audi ?BMW ?Citroen ?Fiat ?Ford ?GM ?Lancia ?Land Rover
    Peugeot ?Rover/MG ?Seat ?Skoda ?Suzuki ?Toyota ?Volkswagen
    The software allows code reading, code clearing, actuator tests, component data, service reset, service setting.
    Kit Contents
    ACR4 Handset, MAP, Ford and EOBD pods and the 16-pin socket cables for post-1996/7 applications
    You can purchase an optional kit of cables for earlier vehicles that use manufacturer specific diagnostic sockets
    CD with all applications software, plus a 12 month subscription for 3 more updates
    Registration code for MAP. This is required when you first install the CD
    Compatible with OBD2 of EOBD
    High speed access to the ECM
    Diagnose faults in seconds, not hours
    Multi-function software displays codes and scans datastream values
    Information support displays code number and explanatory text
    Menu selection allows your own choice of diagnostic route
    Code analysis displays stored fault code number and allows clearing of these from ECM memory
    Service settings where ECM permits, can set CO, ignition advance, dashboard service lights, idle speed
    Monitors sensors, displays values for airflow meter, coolant and air temperature, engine speed, timing advance, injection pulse time, throttle potentiometer, battery voltage and many more, depending on the type of ECM
    Drives actuators, tests electrical signal to injectors, idle control valves, coils etc.

    Existing Owners

    Existing owners of the Sykes ACR4 handset can upgrade to the MAP CD Kit, eliminating the need for multiple application pods.
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