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    Reflex 4130 Diagnostic Test
    Auto OEM Tester
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    The Tecnotest Reflex 4130 Diagnostic Tester.
    The concept behind the Reflex System is simple.
    Modern vehicles are built around the on-board ECU controlled systems, including engine management, ABS, Suspension, Body Network/CAN.
    Across the Globe, these systems are increasingly the focus of attention for both independent workshops as well as Main Dealers. Reflex provides a comprehensive, flexible and cost effective solution to this need.
    You can buy Reflex as a Scan Tool - with EOBD and CAN/BUS
    The “Autodiagnosis?or Scan Tool function can be used as either a dedicated tool, or, to complement other hand held product such as Labscopes, Multimeters etc. Code reading and clearing, live data, actuator tests and settings/adjustments are all included.
    You can add-on the Low cost, Labscope/Multimeter option
    This simple to use, low cost, Labscope/Multimeter option is a “must have?for diagnostic work associated with code reading/engine management etc - checking components?voltages, waveforms etc. Easy to use “autoranging?multimeter functions for checking voltages and amps to 500v and 450A.
    SL31230 Scope/Multimeter kit.
    You can add-on the Dat@CAR vehicle database
    The built in “Compact Flash?capability provides a potentially massive memory capacity, enabling direct access to a vehicle database for wiring schematics, typical waveforms, component identification and location + much more.
    EDC3130/Y Dat@CAR database includes 2 updates each year
    Further functions can be added later as the tool expands
    1. SL31174F Cable management kit
    2. 3132/M12 Annual Software Key Cars & Light Commercials Keys include updates every 3 months
    3. 2303225 Monitor Cable (use own VGA)
    4. 2303226 PC connection cable (download your own updates)
    ?Built in "Help" System
    ?Easy To Use, Full Colour Graphics
    ?Code Reading and Clearing
    ?Live Data
    ?Actuator Tests
    ?Dat @ CAR Database
    ?Not just Engine Management - Also covers ABS and Other ECU Controlled Systems.
    ?Covers Cars, Commercials, Motorcycles, Petrol and Diesel
    A continuous and proven program of applications research delivers software updates every 3 months to keep the product "alive" and current.
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