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    Multi-scann master
    Auto OEM Tester
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    Multi-scann master
    Multi-scann master is the most complete tool of Multi-scann range of products. The tool is based on a PC tablet specially designed for automotive purposes. Its colour touch screen is particularly convenient to use diagnostic functions and view technical information. Easy to handle and carry , it allows you several hours of autonomy and resists to tough workshop conditions of usage.
    Multi-scann master is high performance, portable and enough resistant to suit your every day work.
    Multi-scann master kit content:
    PC tablet, colour touch screen 12¡¯¡¯ , Windows XP?
    VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface)
    OBD diagnostic cable 16 pins 4 meters
    Accessory kit (power supply, crocodile plugs, .. etc.)
    Passthru+ XS

    PassThru+XS combines the advantages of
    the well-proven XS products with the
    pass-thru recommendations J2534 & J2534-1  
    plus other customer requirements to offer the
    ideal VCI.
    Fully compliant to SAE J2534 & J2534-1
    On-board data (pre-)processing
    Additional I/Os for OEM specific
    NEW: the Passthru+ XS Bluetooth for a wireless communication between your PC and the Passthru device 
    either RS 232 or USB interfaces to PC
    K-Line ISO 9141 (100 mA)
    KWP 2000 ISO 14230-4
    SAE J1850 PWM
    SAE J1850 VPW
    CAN 2.0B ISO 11898
    CAN ISO 15765-4
    SCI SAE J2610
    Programmable power supply
    on-board memory
    PassThru+XS exceeds J2534 requirements!
    Product includes
    PassThru+XS API 
    PassThru+XS hardware 
    RS232 connector cable and USB connector cable (0.75 m)
    OBDII cable (2 m)
    Documentation on CD
    Basic+ XS
    Customers : Volkswagen, Lamborghini, DaimlerChrysler.
    A communication interface via K-Line and the CAN bus.A Bluetooth version is also available.
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