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    ECU Laboratorial Equipment
    The ECU laboratorial Equipment is designed by our company alone, its design mainly aims at a large number of vehicle electricians who have ideals in diving into vehicle's hi-tech.
    This equipment can simulate the signal of AUTO, Such as the signal of crankshaft, camshaft, top dead center, CID sensor, air intake, IATS, CTS, O2S, switch of A/C and etc.
    Load the signals well, can disengage repairing ECU from AUTO.
    It's evidenced that it can examine and repair faults of EFI engine via simulating the engine of sensor, so that it greatly enhances repair speed and faults judgment abilities.
    Main Features :
    1 . Users of the engine control system according to an independent set of different types of crankshaft  Signal output ( for all models of computer һ driven )
    2 . Automatic transmission input and output shaft signal simulation
    3 . Set the waveform data 15 written directly
    4 . Crank signal waveform data  Is automatically set your computer
    5 . Engine speed signal output
    6 . Speed 5 ignal output ( Hall signal , magnetic 5 ignal )
    7 . Three , four һ channel ABS wheel speed signal output
    8 . PC board working current test
    9 EGRsolenoidvalvedrive
    10 . Carbon call clear the Solenoid valve drive
    11 . Tachometer drive
    12 . Blower Control Module Driver
    13 . Idle valve driver
    14 . Stepper motor drive ( 4 , 6 lines )
    15 . Injector driver
    16 . Ignition coil driver
    17 . Ignition module drive
    18 . Parking sensor ( ultrasound ) probe drive
    19 . Automatic Shift Valve Drive
    20 . Shift oualitv valve drive
    21 . Hydraullc control valve drive
    22 . Water temperature , intake air temperature , outdoor temperature , evaporation temperature sensor 5 lgnal simulation box
    23 . oxygen sensor signal simulation ( manual )
    24 . oxygen sensor signal simulation ( Auto 5 ignal )
    25 . Throttle Signal Simulation
    26 . Slmulatlon of carbon can clear the solenoid Va IVe
    27 . EGR SolCnoid valvC Simulatiofl
    28 . Air flow meter , Inlet pressure sensor ( analog , dlgital ) slgnal simulation 1 gnition coil simulation
    30 . Injector simulatlon
    31 . Idle stepper motor simulation ( four һ lane , 5 ix һ lane )
    32 . A / C relay simulatlon
    33 . Pump relay simulation
    34 . Simulation of the radiator fan relay
    35 . Audio signal output , power ampllfier driver
    36 . Automatlc Shift Valve , shift quality valves , hydraulic control valve simulation
    37 . Injector pulse wldth measurement
    38 . Simulatiofl of the cCntral 10ck Server
    39 . Burglar resistance simulation
    40 . AI 1 output signal overload protection 4 1 . USer exteflsionS
    Instrument specific reference data    
    1.   Output waveform can be set: 5-channel arbitrary waveform output, which can output 1¡ãcrank angle signal, the signal sub-cylinder, 1 cylinder TDC signal, cam signal, the phase accuracy. Applicable to all models around the world crankshaft, camshaft signal simulation; also applies to all the world¡¯s automatic transmission input, output shaft signal simalation; ABS 3,4-channel wheel speed signal simulation; computer set wave, the network lifetime free upgrades, at the same time waveform data cam be stored long-term memory cards.
    2.   Output Signal: hall signals, magnetic signals, optical signals
    3.   Actuator: drive current 3A, 1%-99% duty cycle continous adjustment, continously adjustable frequency.
    4.   Sensor Signal Simulation: resistance 100¦¸-1000¦¸;voltage of 5v¡Á20v, 1.5v¡Á12v
    5.   Implementation of simulated driving: 69 channel simultaneous output.
    6.   Stepping Motor Driver: vurrent 1A,applicable to all vehicles with four,six,stepping motor driver.
    7.   Ammeter maximum test current: 5A
    Instrument Application:
    1.  Dynamic diagnosis of automative sensors,automotive engine,transmission,ABS,air conditioning,security and other computer repair,car models-driven teaching aids,
    aomotive R&D.
    2.  This instrument applies to Germany,the United States,Japan,South Korea,dozens of domestic and other micro-Cars,thousands of cars.



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