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    Benz EIS Repair Tool
    Auto Maintenance
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    Mercedes-Benz EIS ECU Repair Tool is EIS Repair +CAS3/912X/9S12X Pro

    The key for Mercedes-Benz can not intermittent or permanent failure of normal turn ignition switch, including the key twist fixed, the key data code hopping remote control can not be used, the ignition lock (EIS) can not diagnose such failures can be a great key (the key to the old section) replacement for the new small key or metal side keys
    Intelligent wizard-style operation, a clear vehicle classification, with a professional operation guide image, the operation handy, safe and reliable, instantly increase your professionalism

    Support models

    W202 C CLASS
    W203 C CLASS
    W210 E CLASS
    W220 S CLASS
    W215 CL CLASS
    W208 CLK CLASS
    W209(HC12/ST12) CLK CLASS
    W211(HC12/ST12) E CLASS
    W215(HC12/ST12) CL CLASS
    W219(HC12/ST12) CLS CLASS
    W220(HC12/ST12) S CLASS
    W230(HC12/ST12) SL CLASS
    R230 SL CLASS



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