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    LAUNCH X431 GX3
    Diagnostic Cables
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    X-431 GX3 is a newly developed automobile diagnostic computer. It is based on the technology of open diagnostic platform, the most advanced automobile diagnostic technology brought forward by LAUNCH.

    The open diagnostic platform represents the highest level of automobile diagnostic technology, and is the developing trend of this field in the future.

    Vehicles Coverage
    Audi Mercedes Benz BMW Chrysler Citroen Dacia Daewoo Eobd II Fiat GM Honda Hyundai Kia Lndrover Mazda Mitsubishi Nissan Obd II Opel Peugeot Porches Renault Rover Skoda Seat Subaru Toyota American Ford Volvo and there is more.

    1.An open diagnostic technology based on LINUX operating system;
    2.Get online directly and update conveniently;
    3.Information can be shared and brightness can be adjusted;
    4.Large LCD touch screen for convenient data input;
    5.Interactive and simple operation interface with modern design;
    6.With all functions of PDA;
    7.Innovative outline

    The main unit is composed of 4 parts, each of them can beused independently:
    1 Main unit

    System Parameters
    Operating system: LINUX operating system
    RAM: System RAM:16M; CF RAM:64M
    I/O of main unit: Standard serial/parallel port
    Power supply for main unit: DC12V
    Power consumption of main unit: about 9W
    Printer: Heat sensitive high-speed mini printer
    Interface of printer: parallel port
    Screen: Large 320*240 LCD touch screen, with adjustable backlight
    PDA function: Input by hand writing

    Personal information management:
    Memo: store and classify all kinds of personal information for finding the messages easily.
    Name cards holder: the information of friends and customers. Addresses, telephone numbers, postcodes etc, to provide users with the functions of searching and compiling messages.
    Notepad: users Doing and done affairs to meet users requirements of adding and deleting the task notes quickly. User can classify the tasks and browse tasks by classes

    Calendar: Record with arrangement and indication of appointments and meetings tools
    World clock: provide time of several cities in the world to let users grasp personal time everyday and every where as a good helping hand for your traveling.

    Dictionaries: Collect abundant glossary in English-Chinese and Chinese-English in almost all of field helping users to clear away the obstacles in language.
    Calculator: simple and scientific calculators are to meet users' needs in the daily work.

    Multi-media function:
    Recorder: messages can be recorded by users' dictation in any place at any time.
    pictures: users can enjoy pictures in the computer.
    Game: mine sweeping, gobang,
    Modem: preset inside to ensure easy online: Users can browse web pages, receive and send e-mails and download and use software with inside modem directly.
    Multi-type input: touching screen and standard keyboard outside
    Multi-choice print: mini-printer and external standard printer

    Major character
    Based on LINUX operation platform
    Open diagnostic technology
    Upgrade by Internet download at any time directly
    Sharing information resource
    Broad screen and adjustable LCD brightness
    Input by hand touching, convenient and rapid
    Modern brand-new design Interactive and compact operation interface
    Possess all functions of PDA
    Agile system combination, mainframe and every system can be used separately


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