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    It is a 9P male connector to connect with the diagnostic connector. Spiderman Widely used for OBDII Can Main Unit
    Screen: 128¡Á64array high definition screen with back light for displaying all the information during testing.OBD-S600 can solve the problem of data stream diagnostic on some modules,full-range coverage based on advanced technology,OBD/EOBD,CAN BUS compliant
    Spiderman is a 6 button membrane keypad with tactile keys for selecting and controlling test steps.
    1.Find the diagnostic socket on the car. (The OBDII diagnostic socket is generally located under the dashboard on the driver side)
    2.Connect one end of the test cable to the spiderman main unit, and the other end to diagnostic socket on the car. Tighten the screws.
    Display Revisement
    After entering the first interface, the screen contrast can be adjusted with keys. It gets brighter when L key is pressed; and darker when L key is pressed.
    Press [OK] key to enter into next menu after proper contrast adjustment.
    Spiderman can be used to diagnose all the vehicles with a OBD-II diagnostic socket, such as new Toyota, Lexus, Crown, Camry, Avalon, Previa, Chrysler, Dodge, Linclon and Benz, Ford, etc, to analyze troubles, quickly and to accurately find out the cause and location of troubles.
    It supports four types of OBD-II protocols (SAE J1850 PWM, SAE J1850 VPW,ISO 9141-2 and KWP2000), including vehicles with CAN bus.
    OBD II is the abbreviated form of On Board Diagnostics II. It is a set of standards for automobile communication protocol initiated by American Automobile Engineering Association (SAE) and authenticated by the Environment Protection Association (EPA) and California Resource Association (GARB).
    Spiderman provides the manufacturers of EFI cars with a unified test method, unified diagnostic mode, unified shape of DLCs and unified installing position. Therefore, with only one tester, the diagnosis can be performed on various models with an OBD II interface. OBD standard requires unified 16PIN DLC(data link connector) on a car.


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