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    Carman Scan II
    Auto OEM Tester
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    Carman Scan II

    Carman Scan II designed as a compact, robust tool for use in the workshop. Compare to other low price scan tool, all the functions that Carman Scan II provides to the mechanics up dated information with OBD-1 level diagnosis functions.

    Moreover, we design the SDK (Software Development Kit) for overseas business partners¡¯ development.
    Without deep knowledge of our hardware and software logic, most of foreign engineers can integrate their having ECU data and develop new scan test software easily.

    1. Communication Protocol Compatibility
    ISO 9141-2, ISO-14230,
    SAE J1850(PWM, VPW),
    CAN BUS Communication support

    2. Extensive Vehicle Coverage
    Korean, Japanese, European, American cars
    Malaysian, Chinese, Australian and Latin American locals

    3. User Interface
    Fast update via USB terminal
    Compact Size: 100 X 150 X 25 mm (4¡± X 6¡± X 1¡±)
    LED indication of communication status: Tx / Rx

    4. Sufficient Memory Capacity
    Main Memory: 32MB built-in (Extended up to 128MB)
    No external memory is required
    Enough to contain extensive supplements

    5. Eligibility for strategic cooperation with other firms
    Provision of Open Platform Hardware
    Provision of Software after the SDK development
    Development of programming and coding tools
    ¡æ Enables faster development by multiple groups

    1. Functionality
    On board diagnostic communication
    Special vehicle test emulation
    The combination provides for easy and comprehensive diagnosis of the electronically
    controlled systems used across the aftermarket model range.

    Diagnostic communication with all Hyundai and Kia electronic control systems
    Diagnostic communication with Japanese, European, U.S.A. vehicle
    OBD-II communication protocol support
    Vehicle sensor signal simulation
    Actuator driving function with predefined frequency and duty ratio

    High resolution LCD display
    Easy and soft touch key
    Visual lamp of communication state
    Bright screen (Auto backlight)

    Local language support
    On-line support for diagnostic trouble code or current data operations
    On-line ¡°HELP¡± key operating support

    Built-in main memory (32MB)
    Secondary large memory card for s/w update and information storage
    PC communication facility
    USB support (PC connection etc.)

    Compact design
    Easy to carry

    2. Technical Data of Components
    Bright blue color
    High strength ABS material
    LCD spec
    320 by 240 resolution
    EL backlight(Blue green)
    Standard character output: 40 columns 12 lines
    Power ON/OFF key
    Soft functional 6 keys
    Page up/down 2 keys
    Arrow 4 keys
    Enter and ESC each 1 key
    Type : soft touch keypad
    Memory capacity
    Application software card : 32MB built-in standard
    Memory expansion card : 128MB CF card
    Operationg voltage
    8 ~ 36 VDC input
    Operating temperature
    0? ~ 50?C
    DLC communication part
    The following protocols can be implemented for applications ;
    Hyundai and kia vehicle all system
    Korea domestic vehicle all system
    OBD-II (ISO 9142-2)
    OBD-II (SAE-J1850 VPW, PWM)
    SAE-J1587 for commercial vehicle
    Vehicle speed (Reed signal) sensor
    Actuator driving
    Maximum 1A short to ground


    Carman Scan II




    External 128MB

    Comprises of 10 cartridge




    Additional purchase of cartridge



    Korean, Japanese, USA,European vehicles

    No Korean vehicles

    No European vehicles

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