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    ALDL 12P Interface
    Diagnostic Cables
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    ALDL 12P Interface

    Most OBD1 US cars use the 12pin ALDL connector shown beside. If you have a car with the 12 pin connector this is the Interface for you !

    Some older cars (such as early TPI's like GM 1227165 ECM, 1986-89 5.0 and 5.7 V8's) will require a
    10Kohm resistor to be plugged in between pins A and B on the 12 pin ALDL connector in order to put
    the car into "ALDL mode" and have the serial data start flowing. Our Interface have a slide switch
    which can set pin B to different modi like connect pins A & B directly, by 10K Ohm or keep them
    completely disconnected.

    - Connects to RS232
    - Power LED
    - Robust casing
    - Slide switch for change modi of pins A & B
    - Uses reference levels for high/low signals so works on all cars without problems not like some
    homemade interfaces
    - Uses Motorolas MC33199 Transceiver at 5V ALDL levels not some homebrew solution
    - Dual powered (can take power from RS232 handshake lines or over 12V cigarette lighter connector
    cable what makes it superior over all other ALDL interfaces on market)

    - ALDL Interface with 12pin plug
    - 12V cigarette lighter connector to 2,1mm DC plug cable
    - RS232 extension cable

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