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    NDM457C PROG
    Auto Programmer
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    NDM457C PROG

    Designed and adopted especially for using in car repairing area. It fully tested on EEPROMs used in real automotive electronic systems.

    The NDM457C programmer supports various types of EEPROM most used in automotive instrument clusters.

    A serial port interface (Com1..8) connects the programmer to any desktop PC running Windows 98/NT/XP.
    Programmer has 2 interfaces : In-circuit and On-Board. The Device Menu displays all available functions to perform on the device (read, program, verify, etc...). Also wiring information available. Programmer has built-in mileage calculator, so mileage changing possible using one button toch.

    Support devices:
    NDM457C, Delco 51006A, OKI 16911G, TC97101P, 59C11

    Support vehicles:
    1) HONDA Prelude, 1994-1996 (OKI 16911G)
    2) LEXUS LS, 1996-1999 (TC97101P)
    3) LEXUS ES, CS, LS 1992-1995 (NDM457C)
    4) GM Cutlas Suprime International, BUICK Regal 1991-1995, PONTIAK Grand AM (NDM457C)
    5) GM Safari, Savana, Gxpress Astro, Caprice (Delco 51006A)
    6) BUICK Reviera 1996-1999 (TC97101P)
    7) SAAB 900, 1994-1996 (59C11)

    Hardware Specifications:

    Serial port interface works on (COM1...COM8). USB to Serial port adaptor acceptable.

    Function Specifications:

    Load and Save file, Read, Write, Verify,  Checksum,  Security,  Edit, Built-in mileage calculator

    Electrical Requirments:

    Operating Voltage : +12V DC.
    Power Consumption : 200 mA.

    Host System Requirements:

    Any IBM or compatible Pentium with a minimum 16MB extended memory;

    5 MB of free hard disk space Windows 98/NT/XP operating system.

    COM port.
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