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    Anti-theft Calculator
    Auto Immo Reader
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    Anti-theft Calculator for Pulchritude & Citroen


    Peugeot & Citroen Immobiliser Decoder
    ¡ôThis production can be used to activate cipher of the anti-theft door.
    ¡ôEquip Chinese/English software.
    ¡ôPeugeot & Citroen Immobiliser code calculator and immobiliser function disable tool.
    ¡ôMPI Bosch MP3.2,Multipoint Sagem SL96,MPI Bosch MP5.1.1,Multipoint Bosch MP5.2,Multipoint Bosch MP7.2,MPI Magneti Marelli IAW,Lucas Diesel,Bosch Diesel,and many others. Can calculate immobiliser security code for lastest 307.407,607 BSI modules.

    Peugeot Cars:
    106,206,306,406,605,307,607,806,807,Motronic MP5.1.1,Motronic MP3.1,etc.
    Citroen Cars:
    Xsara,Xsantia,Berlingo,C3,C5,Picasso,MotronicMP5.1.1,EDC15,EDC16 and others.
    Used ECU adaptation to car: immobiliser code read and change for new cars ECU - EDC15, EDC16, SIEMENS, Magneti Marelli;
     ECU immobiliser disable for MPI Bosch MP5.1.1, Multipoint Bosch MP7.2, MPI Magneti Marelli IAW and many others;
    || Immo  Software from Autofocus ||
    How the keypad immobiliser works: System consist of the Immobiliser keypad and Engine Management Computer (ECU). Car's  ECU has to receive a correct four digit number which is punched in via a keypad before the vehicle will start. This number is selected by the owner of the vehicle when first purchased, if the number is later mislaid or for any reason, the device which holds the secret codes gets corrupted a very expensive Engine Management System has to be replaced. With our software you can read the original code, change the code or disable it.
    You need purchase any serial EEPROM programmer to read write the chips i.e 93c46 ( we recommend LabTool-48UXP USB OR ELNEC SEEPROG programmer).


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