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    Key Programmer
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    BMW KEYMAKER Programme is for keyprogramming

    (PCF transponders 7930,7931,7935 This programme is very

    simple in using it and does not require additional equipment to

    work with EWS 2,3,3+.Programme and adaptor BMW KEYMAKER  

    are not used for  68HC11EA9 processor which has LOCK BIT

    on it.If a processor has LOCK BIT on it the programme will warn

    about it.Operating EWS

    Examine EWS carefully to find processor 68HC11EA9(mask 2D47J,1D47J,0D46J).Cut PIN 20 from the processor on

    EWS motherboard as it is shown in the picture.

    Choose quartz type 614000(EWS 2) in the programme or

    8000000(EWS 3,3+). Then connect the processor 68HC11EA9

    using the connector following this picture.(WARNING!!!Adaptor

    BMW KEYMAKER should be cut from power supply during this!!!)

    Connect explanation

    Black to processor¡¯s Pin1

    Green to processor¡¯s Pin2

    White to processor¡¯s Pin3

    Blue to processor¡¯s Pin17

    Red to processor¡¯s Pin20

    Purple to processor¡¯s Pin21

    Brown to processor¡¯s Pin22

    Orange to processor¡¯s Pin26

    After you connect the processor, connect power supply to BMW

    KEYMAKER.In the programme press button READ EE EWS.

    After reading the processor you will see dump in screen. Replace

    pin 20 after reading processor is over.

    Write key number in  the window from 0 to 9(alltogether there are

    10 keys)which you want to programme.

    Insert key or transponder into the keyhole of the programmerand

    press PROGRAMME KEY button.

     Key or transponder will be programmed in 20 seconds.Repeat all

    the operations for the other key numbers.

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