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    Key Programmer
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    BMW key programming device and software for vehicles equiped with EWS 3 module, coverage E46, E38, E39, E53 till 06/2004. With this device you can program all 10 keys in the EWS 3 module. Another feature of the device is to erase the old and lost keys, add new keys on whatever position you want from 1 to 10 as you leave the existing keys working. You can programm new keys when all keys are lost or stolen. The old keys will still work and you can order another key from the dealer beside the number of the new already programmed keys. To be able to program/add new key, you must use our special transponder made for the key progamming.


    EWS3£º1996-2005 E38, E39, E46, E53 Add key, all lost key programming Car list: E38£­ old 5 series 520£¬525£¬530 Basically this series no manufacturing since 2002, year after is E60/E61 E39£­ old 7series£º730£¬740£¬745 Basically this series no manufacturing since 2002, year after is E65/E66 E46£­ old 3 series£º318£¬320£¬325£¬330 Basically this series no manufacturing since 2005, year after is E90 E53£­X5 series E52£­Z series sports car Z4 Z8

    Operating manual Open EWS3 ECU£¬refresh CPU pins to make sure connect tightly with the tool Select relevant EWS3 tool to compliant with the specific key no., power with 9V,cover the EWS3 programmer onto CPU 0J46D£¬enter in, press the

    GREEN button£¬red lights on 5s, later the green lights on, OK !!

    Light indicator UP£ºPower Middle£ºRed light Down£ºGreen Light

    Errors possible flash once a secondof the Red light: it means not good connection between the EWS3 tool the chip, reset the programmer or clear the pins.

    Warning ** the programmer only for legal usage ** ONLY works for CPU 0J46D EWS3 ECU

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