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    Benz Comfort System Module Left
    Auto Maintenance
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    Benz Comfort System Module--------left-hand drive .  

    Auto Window Close&Open/Car Seat Comfort Function/Eco STT Stop&Start Function Off Disable Module
    Plug and Play Emulator For Mercedes Benz A/B/C/E/CLA/GLK/ML/GL......

    Important Notice:
    Support Most models but exclude W221,W222,W205,W164!!!
    Please make a note that your car is left hand driver or right hand driver when you make order, because we have 2 different versions!!!
    If your car Hand Driver is Right . Please choose Link --"right-hand drive"

    A. Lock your car and automatic close windows and sunroof : automatically shutdown windows' glass and sunroof after remote locked your car door (A and B model's sunroof are not supported)

    B. Seat comfort function (auto back move and forward move): models with seat memory function, the seats can open your car door after key turned off, move the seat to rear positon and
    Re-enter the car, insert the key, the seat will back to original position. (Without seat memory does not have this function.)

    C. Eco STT Stop&Start turned off automatically(can be manually turned on): models with STT Stop&Start function, automatic turn off STT function by default (if required engine Start&stop, you can manually open, each time you start the car, STT function turned off by default.

    D. seat function and Stop&Start Function can be disabled

    Support Models
    Most Models but exclude W221,W222,W205,W164

    Installation Method
    Open the triangle of driver's door(without removing the door), plug and play without connecting wiring
    If your car no triangle plate need to remove the whole driver's door and then plug .This is plug and play.Very easy connection.

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