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    R270 CAS4 BDM PROG
    Mileage Correction

    R270 CAS4 BDM PROG

    1. description:

    Directly read and write chip data quickly and safely, support for the new 2009 7 Series (F01/F02) CAS4 odometer and chips read and write data, safe and effective.
    CAS4 includes all the features of CAS3 programmer. It has a powerful Motorola MCU programming function: removing-free programm Motorola MCU EEPROM (HC908) and FLASH (HC912, HC9S12, HC9S12X) series.

    2. Function:

    1.Support BMW CAS and CAS4 (0K50E/2K79X/0L01Y/0L15Y/1L15Y, etc.)
    2.Support BMW EWS4 (2L86D)
    3.Support Benz EZS (1J35D/2J74Y/4J74Y/3K91D/1L85D/1L59W/3L40K/4L 40K, etc.)
    4.Supports a variety of SRS modules:(9H91F/0K13J/0K75F/0L85D/0J38M/1E62H/1K7 9X/5H55W, etc.)
    5.Support the M35080 series of quick clear, read and write (35080/35080-V6/35080-VP/D80 D0WQ/D160/35160, etc.)
    6.Applicable to all kinds of EIS/CAS/SRS/ECU automotive modules.

    3.Package including:

    1x R270 main unit
    1x 26pin cable
    1x AC Adapter
    1x USB Cable
    1x Adapter
    1x CD drive

    vehicle list :
    BMW  CAS4 1L15Y
    BMW 1er,3er,5er,6er CAS2 (9S12)
    BMW 1er,3er,5er,6er CAS3 (9S12)
    BMW 1er,3er,5er,6er CAS3  CAS3+(9S12X)
    BMW 7er CAS2 E65 (912)
    BMW 7er CAS3 E65 (9S12)
    X3/X5 EWS4 (9S12)
    RangeRover EWS4 (9S12)
    E-Klasse EZS (908)
    E-Klasse EZS (912)
    E-Klasse EZS (9S12)
    C-Klasse EZS (908)
    C-Klasse EZS (912)
    C-Klasse EZS (9S12)
    A-Klasse EZS 908
    A-Klasse EZS (9S12)
    B-Klasse EZS 908
    B-Klasse EZS (9S12)
    S-Klasse EZS908
    S-Klasse EZS (9S12)
    R-Klasse EZS 908
    R-Klasse EZS (9S12)
    SLK EZS908
    SLK EZS (9S12)
    CLK EZS 908
    CLK EZS (9S12)
    ML EZS908
    ML EZS (9S12)
    SL EZS908
    SL EZS (9S12)
    Sprinter EZS (9S12)
    Landrover Freelander 2002 (912)
    Landrover Freelander 2004 (912)
    Mini COOPER 2002 (912)
    Mini COOPER 2003 (912)
    Mini ONE 2002 (912)
    Mini ONE 2003 (912)
    Mini Navi (912)
    Mini EWS4 (9S12)
    Mini CAS3 (9S12X)
    Volkswagen Crafter EZS (9S12)

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