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    ECU REPAIR TOOL      Model:  AF-E9

    ECU Laboratorial Equipment V2014

    The ECU laboratorial Equipment is designed by our company alone, its design mainly aims at a large number of vehicle electricians who have ideals in diving into vehicle's hi-tech.
    This equipment can simulate the signal of AUTO, Such as the signal of crankshaft, camshaft, top dead center, CID sensor, air intake, IATS, CTS, O2S, switch of A/C and etc.
    Load the signals well, can disengage repairing ECU from AUTO.
    It's evidenced that it can examine and repair faults of EFI engine via simulating the engine of sensor, so that it greatly enhances repair speed and faults judgment abilities.

    Sample BOSCH M154M Testing video

    Main Features :

    >>>   According to engine control system, the user can set different types of crankshaft independent, Signal output (for all models of the computer-driven)

    >>>  Automatic transmission input and output shaft signal simulation

    >>>  Commonly used computer automatic pin connector tips

    >>>  Set the waveform data written directly

    >>>  Crank signal waveform data is automatically set by your computer

    >>>  Time to test the independent six-channel injector

    >>>  Engine speed signal output

    >>>  Speed signal output (Hall signal, magnetic signal)

    >>>  Three , four-channel ABS wheel speed signal output

    >>>  Diesel Electronic Control System Testing

    >>>  EGR solenoid valve driven

    >>>  Carbon cans clear the Solenoid valve driven

    >>>  Tachometer driven

    >>>  Blower Control Module Driven

    >>>    Idle valve driven

    >>>  12V \ 24V stepper motor driven (four, six-lane)

    >>>  12V \ 24V servo motor driven

    >>>   Injector driven

    >>>  Oil pressure solenoid valve driven

    >>>    Ignition module driven

    >>>   Parking sensor (ultrasonic) probe -driven

    >>>   Automatic transmission Shift valve driven

    >>>  Shift quality valve driven

    >>>  Oil pressure adjust valve-driven

    >>>   Water temperature,intake air temperature, outdoor temperature, evaporation temperature sensor signal simulation box

    >>>    Oxygen sensor signal simulation (manual)

    >>>    Oxygen sensor signal simulation (auto signal)

    >>>   Throttle signal simulation

    >>>     Carbon cans clear the Solenoid valve simulation

    >>>  EGR solenoid valve simulation

    >>>   Air flow meter, air pressure sensor (analog, digital) signal simulation

    >>>   Point fire coil simulation

    >>>   Injector simulation

    >>>  Idle speed stepper motor simulation (four, six-lane)

    >>>  A \ C relay simulation

    >>>   Oil pump relay simulation

    >>>   Radiator fan relay simulation

    >>>  Audio signal output, power amplifier driven

    >>>   Automatic transmission Shift valve, Shift quality valve, oil pressure adjust valve simulation

    >>>  Injector pulse wldth measurement

    >>>  Central locking server simulation

    >>>   Anti-theft resistance simulation

    >>>  All of the output signal overload protection

    >>>  High-Power 5V \ 12V \ 24V voltage output

    >>>  User extensions


     Instrument Specific


    >>>  Output waveform can be set: five-channel arbitrary waveform output settings, which can output 1°crank angle signal, the signal sub-cylinder, 1 cylinder TDC signal, cam signal, the phase accuracy. Applicable to all models around the world crankshaft, camshaft signal simulation; also applies to all the world’s automatic transmission input, output shaft signal simulation; ABS three, four-channel wheel speed signal simulation; computer settings waveform, the network lifetime free upgrades, at the same time the waveform data can be stored long-term within the memory cards.

    >>>  Output Signal: magnetic signals, the Hall signal, optical signal;


    >>>  Actuator driven: driven current 3A, 1%-99% duty cycle continous adjustment, continously adjustable frequency.


    >>>   Sensor Signal Simulation: resistance 100Ω-10000Ω ; voltage 0V~5V×3 0V~1V


    >>>  Actuator Simulation driven: 54 channel simultaneous output

    >>>  Stepping Motor Driven: vurrent 1A,applicable to all vehicles with four-,six-lane12V\24V,stepping motor driven.


    >>>  Output current: 5V-5A \ 12V-5A \ 24V-3A


    >>>  Instrument application Scop


    >>>  Dynamic diagnosis of automotive sensors, automotive engine, transmission, ABS, air conditioning, anti-theft and other computer repair, car model-driven teaching aids, research and development in automobile production;


    >>>   This instrument applies to Germany, the United States, Japan, Korea, China-made mini-cars and dozens of vehicle series,and thousands of Vehicle model ;


    >>>   Channel arbitrary waveform analog output function profile

    Five channel arbitrary waveform function diagram and working principle introduction:

    This function to PC for operation platform, again through the CPU and memory joint control produced a total of five c, hannel , arbitrary wave signal output, they may produce the various models of t, he crankshaft signal; Automatic transmission input and output shaft signal; ABS ,three. four wheel signal channel; And have waveform storage function.

    Arbitrary wave signal is produced in the operation of the PC software of the wave as a benchmark, editor at the same time in a frequency adjustable benchmark oscillating signal for synchronizing signal, through the judgement benchmark oscillating signal and the number of level of the variation of the output waveform set.

    The "channel 1, the channel 2" for the square wave output, mainly used for simulation hall and photoelectric crankshaft, camshaft signal. "Channel 3, channel 4, 5" to isolate communication channels signal output, used for simulating the magnetoelectric type crankshaft camshaft signal.


    Packing list:
    * ECU Laboratorial Equipment mainframe: 1 PCS
    * ECU Connect cables : 18 PCS
    * Smallpin Connect cables : 10 PCS
    * Waveform(OSC) connect cable 3PCS
    * Waveform write date cable(USB Cables) 1PCS
    * Power cable 1PCS
    * Software CD Data 1PCS


    Mmulti-channel crankshaft waveform setting software:

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