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    Si-reset opel
    Auto Maintenance
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    SI-Reset OPEL


    Reset Inspection Intervall
    15.000 km or 1 year
    15.000 km or 2 years
    30.000 km or 2 years (LONGLIFE)

    Workable Model:
    Opel Astra build after 1998, Zafira build after 1998, Corsa build after 2000
    Operating Instructions

    - Plug the Device into the OBD2 socket of the car
    - All LED`s will blink and than stay on
    - Turn ignition key to enable the board electronic but don`t turn on the motor
    - Press the button for the operation you want to perform shortly
    - The LED of the choosen operation will light and the other Led`s will be off
    - LED`s will perform a light chain which means reset is done

    Package Contains:
    Service Intervall Reset Unit with diagnostic connector

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